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This deal of the week is Waking The Cadaver’s “Beyond Cops, Beyond God” shirt. Only $5.99! This is moving quickly so be sure to snag one asap.

Find more killer merch at the Waking The Cadaver official merch store.

It’s Friday! Time to stock up on some fresh gear from some absolute shredders. All of these items recently hit our online shelves. Lets take a look!

Dying Fetus has a special pre-order for their amazing “Chainsaw Massacre” shirt, featuring your favorite serial killer LEATHERFACE. Don’t sleep on this one.
Dying Fetus official merch store.

Two new designs from The Black Dahlia Murder titled “Rawhead Rex” and “Conspiring With The Damned” are now available. Perfect gear for headbanging in at the local park.
The Black Dahlia Murder official merch store.

Skeletonwitch, fresh off the heels of their Billboard charting album “Forever Abomination,” have dropped two new designs including a righteous baseball tee.
Skeletonwitch official merch store.

Misery Index’s “Pulling Nails” zip up is back in stock after being gone for months! Snag one before they disappear again!
Misery Index official merch store.

Waking The Cadaver also released two new products in the pullover and longsleeve form. Killer design.
Waking The Cadaver official merch store.

Fit For An Autopsy, fresh off their tour with Molotov Solution, have dropped a new hoodie titled “Pig,” featuring a 3 location print of a pig getting ripped apart!
Fit For An Autopsy official merch store.

Last but certainly not least The Ocean unveiled a new shirt titled “Architects.” Why are we here? Maybe this shirt holds some clues…
The Ocean official merch store.

Waking the Cadaver recently released a brutal album titled “Beyond Cops, Beyond God.” Do yourself a favor and head over to their myspace to jam tracks and to purchase. You won’t be disappointed.

I recently did a quick interview with the dudes as well. Check it out!

Did you go into the writing/recording process for “Beyond Cops” with any preconceived ideas of how you wanted it to sound or was it a more natural process?
We went into the writing process with a general idea of what we wanted. We delivered the “Terminate” demo a year before and kinda set the pace of what new WTC was going to sound like. We wanted to keep to our ways…having very grimey slam’s and breakdowns that we’ve been known for…but also step up our songwriting and execution, and show some more of our other metal influences across the board, some thrashy riffs, some grinding riffs, etc. And the result of that is….death metal album of the year.

Do you have any favorite tracks from the album?
Man they’re all our my favorites! I’m extremely proud of the way the album came out, and it’s a real pleasure for me to listen to from beginning to end. I guess if I had to say which ones standout to me it would have to be BOSS STATUS, REIGN SUPREME, BEYOND COPS, and SADISTIC TORTURES.

What are your touring plans for the rest of the year and what can fans expect at the upcoming shows?
Yes, absolutely…we’re gonna be back on tour very soon. Just hit USA and Canada earlier this summer, which was insane! Now we’re waiting on confirmed dates for a European tour this fall with NAPALM DEATH.
what is your favorite merch design you guys have made thus far?
It’s a toss up between the Tony Koehl “zombies” shirt and the new Tohisiro Egawa “chainsaw man” t-shirt. The band and I are VERY HAPPY with the way it looks in person…I mean seriously,Indie Merch is the best company hands down that we ever worked with for merchandise. The print looks EXACTLY like it does on the computer.

If you actually had to wake a cadaver, what would you use?
Weed and our music!

Be sure to check out their new album and official merch store so you can pick up these AMAZING SWEAT PANTS!