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Update 5/23: Anyone who pre-orders the album will automatically be entered to win a brand new ESP guitar! The band has also added a slew of new pre-order options, including a different shirt design, cd + comic combo pack, and standalone cd.

Update 4/27: The band has released a preview for the entire album that you can check out in the video below. This album sounds like evil incarnate. Can’t wait:

Update: Check out this killer video of Trey Williams recording the drums on the new record. BRUTAL! Pre-orders are still going strong so pick yours up today!

I’ve been looking forward to this. Dying Fetus has launched the pre-order for their highly anticipated new album “Reign Supreme.”
Packages will ship on or around 06/14 and include:
* ‘Reign Supreme’ CD
* “Supreme Violence” 28-page Dying Fetus comic book written by Vince Brusio with art by Mats Engesten
* “Supreme Violence” t-shirt
* 4.25″ x 3.13″ metallic logo sticker

‘Reign Supreme’ CD
1. Invert The Idols
2. Subjected To A Beating
3. Second Skin
4. From Womb To Waste
5. Dissidence
6. In The Trenches
7. Devout Atrocity
8. Revisionist Past
9. The Blood Of Power