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Happy St. Patty’s day! That ain’t green beer, thats toxic sludge, bud.

This weeks installment features Salt The Wound, the recently reunited Cleveland natives. Their new album “Kill The Crown” dropped on March 15th and can be ordered through their official merch store. Thanks to guitarist Jake Scott to taking the time to answer. Enjoy!

1. When/what made you guys decide to reform with the original vocalist?
JS: Kevin Schaefer and I are best friends bottom line, and when Salt the Wound put out Ares I loved the album, but it just didn’t have the same chemistry as our debut full length Carnal Repercussions. After a year off and clearing my head I decided it had to be done, we had to make a new album for our fans that stood with us over all the years and deserved another record. Kevin agreed and work began.

2. What can your fans expect from “Kill the Crown” and how does it compare to “Carnal Repercussions” and “Ares?”
JS: Our fans can expect a far more mature and well written album to both our previous full lengths. We left behind the more experimental sound of Ares and returned to our really tailored sound we created for Carnal Repercussions. Overall the production is far superior as well, everyone who worked on this record really nailed it. Producer Brian White and engineer Cole Martinez took us to the next level.

3. Cleveland seems to be a hotbed for all things awesome. IndieMerch and the band itself is from the forest city. Is it something in the water?
JS: I would definitely say Cleveland has something good going on, there are alot of great resources for band’s here, Indiemerch, Jak Prints, Peabody’s Downunder, Conquistador Studios, and Empire Recordings all based in down town Clevlenad have been HUGE assets to our band.

4. People call Lebron “King James” and recently ditched your city to take his talents to Miami. Your new album is called “Kill The Crown.” Any subliminal messaging there?
JS: Not at all, some of the guys are basketball fans but we had the album title chosen long before that traitor chose to stab Cleveland in the back.

5. Any touring plans this year?
JS: We currently are sifting through some offers and should have some exciting news to post soon.

6. What are your some of your favorite designs past or present that have appeared in your IndieMerch store?
I would have to say the “Safari” t-shirt was one of my favorites ever, Chad Lenjer really captured all of our faces perfectly in our jumanji inspired t-shirt.

A more recent design I absolutely love is “The Long Climb”, for the last 5 or 6 years I’ve wanted to make a long sleeve t-shirt and just never seemed to get around to it so finally we got to put one together that I’m super proud of.

7. What have you been listening to lately?
JS: Lately I’ve been listening to the new Kanye West album on repeat, Juicy J, and Waka Flocka Flames.

8. Soapbox is yours: any parting words/shoutouts, its all you.
JS: I would just like to say thank you to Indiemerch for all the years of support and everyone check out our new album KILL THE CROWN! In stores now!

Salt The Wound official merch store.
Salt The Wound twitter.
Salt The Wound Facebook.

Happy friday space jockeys! We have some new items on deck for you guys.

The Salt The Wound preorders are now live! Items ship around 3/15 and each one comes with a signed copy of “Kill The Crown.” Track listing:

1. Kill The Crown
2. To The top
3. Elle Ess Dee
4. Why Don’t You Have A Seat
5. Cash On Delivery
6. Early Mornings and Late Nights
7. A Year In The Suburbs
8. The Cliff Before The Fall
9. Breathless
10. Consequence

Official Salt The Wound merch store.

Next up is the preorder for the Augury reissue of “Concealed.” This release comes with two bonus tracks not featured on the original release and new artwork! Preorder ships on or around 3/4.
1. Beatus
2. …Ever Know Peace Again
3. Cosmic Migration
4. Nocebo
5. Alien Shores
6. In Russian Dolls Universes
7. Becoming God
8. The Lair Of Purity
9. From Eden Estranged
10. …As Sea Devours Land
11. Skyless (Bonus Track – 2006 demo)
12. Faith Puppeteers (Bonus Track – 2006 demo)

Augury official merch store.

Son Of Aurelius has also put up two new righteous t shirts. Check them out and click on them to order! Stoked!
Son Of Aurelius official merch store.

1. Kill The Crown
2. To The top
3. Elle Ess Dee
4. Why Don’t You Have A Seat
5. Cash On Delivery
6. Early Mornings and Late Nights
7. A Year In The Suburbs
8. The Cliff Before The Fall
9. Breathless
10. Consequence

Salt The Wound have made their new track “Elle Ess Dee” available for streaming through their Myspace. The song will appear on their new album “Kill The Crown“, which will arrive in stores on March 15th through Rotten Records.

They will also be having a record release show on March 12th. Everyone who attends will receive a copy of the new album! Check out the flyer below for details.

New Merch! Fresh styles available at the official Salt The Wound merch store.

A year after breaking up, Cleveland Ohio’s Salt The Wound has reformed and will be releasing a new album in March 2011 on Rotten Records (Acid Bath, DRI, Goatwhore). The group comments:

“After taking the last year off from music we have decided that it is time for the real Salt The Wound to re-emerge. We have reformed with the line-up that recorded our debut Rotten Records release ‘Carnal Repercussions’ featuring Kevin Schaefer on vocals, Jake Scott on guitar, and Brandon Tabor (The Analyst, Believe you me) on drums. We will be filling second guitar and bass duties for live appearances and tours with some familiar faces that some of you may have seen with us on previous tours in the United States and abroad.”

Meanwhile, guitar player Jake Scott adds:

“We had released an album last year called ‘Ares’ on Rotten Records with a different line up and it just didn’t work for Salt The Wound, I love the album we made but it just wasn’t us. It was essential for me to reconnect with Kevin and Brandon whom I wrote and recorded Carnal with to make a REAL Salt The Wound album again.”

Keep checking back for more updates on tour dates and the album. In the meantime, check out the Salt The Wound official merch store for some sweet designs!