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Six Feet Under have posted the pre-orders to their highly anticipated new album titled “Undead.” Choose from different packages including the “Undead + Zombie Bundle” which includes:

Bundle includes:
* CD
* Zombie tee
* 3’x3′ flag
* Bite kit
* 10″ x 7″ polyethylene Outbreak Warning sign

Track listing:
01. Frozen At the Moment of Death
02. Formaldehyde
03. 18 Days
04. Molest Dead
05. Blood On My Hands
06. Missing Victims
07. Reckless
08. Near Death Experience
09. Delayed Combustion Device
10. The Scar
11. Vampire Apocalypse
12. The Depths of Depravity

Check out a new song here:

The album drops May 22nd, with pre-orders shipping on or around the 15th.

Six Feet Under official merch.

Goatwhore will be releasing their highly anticipated new album “Blood For The Master” on February 14th via Metal Blade Records and we have the exclusive pre-order! Choose from a variety of packages, including the collectors bundle which includes an exclusive color LP, flask, shirt, and much more! Check out the track listing and album description below.

Click here to pre-order.

CD Track Listing
01. Collapse in Eternal Worth
02. When Steel and Bone Meet
03. Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word
04. In Deathless Tradition
05. Judgement of the Bleeding Crown
06. Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos
07. Beyond the Spell of Discontent
08. Death to the Architects of Heaven
09. An End to Nothing
10. My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers

EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER VINYL (Red with Black Splatter)
– Includes 12″x24″ Folded Poster –

01. Collapse in Eternal Worth
02. When Steel and Bone Meet
03. Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word
04. In Deathless Tradition
05. Judgement of the Bleeding Crown

06. Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos
07. Beyond the Spell of Discontent
08. Death to the Architects of Heaven
09. An End to Nothing
10. My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers

Over the course of nearly 15 years and an incalculable amount of tour miles, New Orleans’ own Goatwhore have inadvertently established themselves as one the most diligent and consistently ferocious bands of the 21st century. Forged in fire by ex Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist Sammy Duet in ’97, their storied legacy follows a dramatic – and often traumatic – series of lineup shifts, injuries, hauntings, natural disasters and an assortment of other mishaps large and small. But, driven by a blood oath to heavy metal and perhaps the powers of Satan himself, Goatwhore forever persevere.

Exhibiting a labyrinth of moods and meticulous tempo shifts, Blood For The Master is streamlined without ever rendering itself predictable. As memorable as it is menacing, the band’s fifth full-length quite literally writhes under the weight of its own deviant heaviness. Led by the traditionally iconoclastic sermons of the leather-throated Falgoust, and made whole by its mammoth guitar tone, unconditional drum/bass battery and Duet’s intermittent snarls of wrath, the record again challenges god’s legitimacy/authority while further exploring the ritual of death.

Bundle Includes:
– CD
– LP
– T-Shirt
– 12″x24″ Poster (folded)
– Chrome Stock Poster (tubed)
– Engraved Flask
– Satin Print Pint
– 5 Pulpboard Coasters
– 3’x3′ Tapestry

Please welcome Textures to the IndieMerch family! This six piece prog metal band has been creating heavy introspective sounds since 2001. Their latest release aptly titled “Dualism” is coming out on Nuclear Blast Records on September 27th and we have the exclusive preorder!

To sweeten the deal, anyone who orders one of the bundles is automatically entered to win a Textures signature Mayones guitar! Check it out below:

Great band, great contest. Click the banner below to check out all the preorders the band has to offer. A new song has also been posted which you can check out HERE. If that song is any indication to what the rest of the album sounds like we are in for a treat.

Preorders for the highly anticipated new album from Today Is The Day are now available! The album, aptly titled “Pain Is A Warning” was produced by Kurt Ballou and will be released via Black Market Activities/Good Fight Entertainment on August 16th. Frontman Steve Austin had this to say about the record:

“[The album contains] some of the most rocking, most epic music ever layed down by Today Is The Day. I am putting all of the hardships and triumphs of the past 3 years into this album. After many changes in personnel, Today Is The Day finally feels like a real band. We’re ready to go at it now harder than ever.”

Check out a new song from the album at their facebook page (a “like” is required but well worth it).
Today Is The Day official facebook page.

The band is offering numerous preorder packages including exclusive t shirt designs and 12″ for you vinyl nerds like myself.

Click the banner below to shop. Support underground music.

Today Is The Day twitter.
Black Market Activities twitter.
Black Market Activities facebook page.

Click here to listen to the new song “Treat Me Right.”

In the fall of 2010, a 3 album deal with the historic metal label Metal Blade Records was announced! Last Rites, the album Liebling had been dreaming of for ages was announced for release in the spring of 2011 and will once again include Griffin’s nephew and Pentagram alumni, Turley, with the latest addition being new drummer Albert Born.

Pentagram has proved time and time again that giving up is not an option. With the strongest lineup yet, a clean and sober Liebling, and 12 new tracks of pure classic metal coming to fans via Last Rites, Pentagram are poised to conquer the masses and claim their rightful throne atop the metal mountain.

Click here to pre order!

PRE-ORDER* will ship on or around 04/07/2011

1. Treat Me Right
2. Call the Man
3. Into the Ground
4. 8
5. Everything’s Turning to Night
6. Windmills and Chimes
7. American Dream
8. Walk in Blue Light
9. Horseman
10. Death in 1st Person
11. Nothing Left
12. All Your Sins – Reprise

PIck up more tee shirts at thePentagram merch store.

Preorders for Amon Amarth’s highly anticipated new album “Surtur Rising” are now live! The follow up to “Twilight of the Thunder God” features the following content:

1. War of the Gods
2. Tock’s Taunt – Loke’s Treachery Part II
3. Destroyer of the Universe
4. Slaves of Fear
5. Live Without Regrets
6. The Last Stand of Frej
7. For Victory or Death
8. Wrath of the Norsemen
9. A Beast Am I
10. Doom Over Dead Man
11. War Machine (Kiss Cover) *Bonus Track
12. Balls to the Wall (Accept Cover) *Bonus Track

DVD Includes the ‘Bloodshed over Bochum’ concert series with live performances of:
* Once Sent From The Golden Hall (12/28/2008)
* The Avenger (12/29/2008)
* The Crusher (12/30/2008)
* Versus The World (12/31/2008)
* Over 4 Hours of Footage

Multi-panel Digipak w/ 28-page full-color booklet

Check out the track war of the gods below:

Amon Amarth “War of the Gods” by Metal Blade Records

There are a myriad of epic options to choose from, including a very limited edition collectible Surtur action figure.

For more information, tour dates, and other special goodies from your favorite Swedish metal band, head over to www.surturrising.com.

Pre-orders are now live for the highly anticipated new album from Darkest Hour titled “The Human Romance.” The eleven track effort comes out February 22nd via eOne Music. Packages C, D, and E come with “The Human Romance” key, an automatic entry into a contest. Winner receives two free tickets to see Darkest Hour headline the Atticus Metal Tour (at show date closest to you), a private meet & greet with the band, and over $150 worth of DH merch.* Check out the options below:

A) CD only – $9.99

B) CD & exclusive tee – $19.99

C) CD, exclusive tee, iPod/iPhone skin, “key” bottle opener keychain & 11″x17″ poster – $24.99**

D) CD, exclusive zip-up hoodie, iPod/iPhone skin, “key” bottle opener keychain & 11″x17″ poster – $39.99**

E) CD, exclusive tee, exclusive zip-up hoodie, iPod/iPhone skin, “key” bottle opener keychain & 11″x17″ poster – $44.99**

*Human Romance key limited to the first 300 people who purchase packages C, D, and E. Winner will be notified the day the album drops. Contest valid to headbangers living in the continental U.S. only. Winner must provide their own transportation to the show.

**iPod/iPhone skins fits iPod Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4. Please make sure to select the correct skin for your product.

Preorders for the highly anticipated new Lionize album “Destruction Manual” are now up! Choose from three different packages by clicking the link below!

Official Lionize merch store.

Gaining fans across the world, Lionize takes pride in their original sound, DIY work ethic and fiery live shows. DESTRUCTION MANUAL, (produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox) finds the band continuing its exploration of the stoner-rock, funk and reggae landscapes.

This twelve-song LP calls to mind classic reggae and rock albums with a decidedly modern spin. The band’s foundation on drums and bass are LaMel Randolgh and Henry Upton who hint at a rock-and-roll version of Sly and Robbie joined with the classic scorching Hammond organ and key sounds from Chris Brooks and the commanding guitar and vocal work of Nathan Bergman. Reggae heavyweights David Hinds and Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse lend their vocal talents on the track Killers and Crooks as well as stalwart guitar work from Tim Sult of Clutch who also lends his talents throughout this record.


1. You’re Trying To Kill Me
2. Savior Of Fontana
3. Dumb And Dangerous
4. Nation Builders
5. Figureheads/Secret Of The Council Of Eels
6. D.C. is Tropical
7. They Arrive !
8. Lava Rock
9. The Alhambra Inn
10. Killers and Crooks
11. No Exit

Tour dates with Authority Zero and Streetlight Manifesto will be announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled!
Official Lionize merch store.



Far “At Night We Live” Preorder!

The Preorder for Far’s new album “At Night We Live” is now up! This exclusive package features:
– Limited edition t shirt featuring the albums artwork printed on American Apparel.
-“At Night We Live” in CD format or double gatefold LP (500 copies in existence) complete with download code.
-“At Night We Live” 4″x4″ vinyl sticker.
Track listing:

1. Deafening
2. If You Cared Enough
3. When I Could See
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Dear Enemy
6. Fight Song #16,233,241
7. At Night We Live
8. Burns
9. Better Surrender
10. Are You Sure?
11. The Ghost That Keeps on Haunting

Be sure to check out all the package deals as well as the recently updated merch



Clutch DVD preorder!

Pre orders have begun for Clutch’s highly anticipated double DVD release “Live at the 9:30 club.” Featuring over three hours of live performances, interviews, and behind the scenes access, “9:30” dives into the world of Clutch like never before.

Highlights include:
-Full set from the 9:30 club including cuts from “Strange Cousins from the West” and the entire self titled album played in its entirety!
-A docu-film aptly titled “Fortune Tellers Make a Killing Nowadays,” which traces the bands roots back to their second show ever as well as a legendary performance of “Wicker” from 1992!
-Appearances from System of a Down, Cky, Fu Manchu, and more!
-In depth interviews from the band themselves!

The first 500 orders will receive a limited edition 24″ oval sticker signed by the band.
ALL 500 of those have been sold. This includes only the DVD which is still limited and will be sold out soon as well so HURRY.

PRE_ORDERS Ship on or before May 11th, 2010

Click here to buy!

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