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Update from the band: “Less than100 white colored vinyl left and going fast & the shirt/back patch bundles are dwindling! CD bundles ship next week. Thanks!”

Be sure to snag one of these bundles before they are gone forever. This album is incredible and is a must listen for fans of the heavy.


Black Market Activities proudly presents the one of the most anticipated releases of 2012: No Absolutes in Human Suffering, the third full-length album by Gaza.

Bundle includes:
– Vinyl format of Gaza’s new record, No Absolutes in Human Suffering (Received digitally weeks before official CD street date)
– Gaza- No Absolutes in Human Suffering Album Cover Shirt
– 12″ x 14″ Cotton Twill Backpatch with Discharge Print
– 6″ x 4″ Gaza Vinyl Logo Sticker

From Salt Lake City, Gaza have carved out their own unique place in the underground with a sound so suffocatingly heavy, so honest and raw, it can only be described with extreme words. Decibel Magazine has hailed Gaza as “pure face-f@#$&*# noise-grind”, while Revolver Magazine has named it “sick and twisted sludgy grindcore – like someone threw The Red Chord and Eyehategod into a wood chipper, then used the results to fertilize an Indian burial ground”. As notorious for their message as for their music, Gaza remain staunch realists in the face of fantasy, confronting society’s hypocrisies with scientific precision.

The new masterpiece, No Absolutes in Human Suffering, pulls the listener down to new depths – the sound is smothering and inescapable, every note delivered with pure conviction. Yet above all, it is entrancing and anthemic – through the brutality, glorious melodic passages shine and haunt the mind long after the album ends. Produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day), No Absolutes in Human Suffering is Gaza’s ultimate musical statement to date.

In the years since the last album, 2009’s critically exalted He Is Never Coming Back, Gaza have toured the world with the likes of Converge, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Kvelertak and Trap Them. Gaza tours the US in May-June 2012 with Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, and Black Cobra.

Track listing:
1. Mostly Hair and Bones Now
2. This We Celebrate
3. The Truth Weighs Nothing
4. Not With All the Hope in the World
5. The Vipers
6. No Absolutes in Human Suffering
7. The Crown
8. When They Beg
9. Winter in Her Blood
10. Skull Trophy
11. Routine and Then Death

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Utah Jazz enthusiasts GAZA are playing two righteous shows with Burning Love (Ex-Cursed/The Swarm) and All Pigs Must Die (members of Hope Conspiracy and Converge). The shows are in Chicago June 25th and Los Angeles June 26th and are part of the Scion Metal Matinee’s and are free if you RSVP.

The band has also unleashed an amazing new design titled “Unholy Culkin” featuring an iconic character of the nineties in the most precarious of positions. I wonder what Daniel Stern is doing right now.
Buy the “Unholy Culkin” and other gear from the band at the Gaza official merch store.

In addition to these shows and a new merch design, the band had this to say about the progress of the set of material they are working with:
“Writing new songs that will enter your brain the same way they’re going to leave it: destroyed, depressed, and full of regret.”

Can’t wait.

We are beyond thrilled to be sponsoring this years California Metalfest, this Saturday! It’s at the Grove at Anaheim this year and its almost sold out so get your tickets! We will have a booth set up with merch from your favorite IndieMerch bands and will be going giveaways and other fun stuff all day. Our good friends in Darkest Hour will also be there to shred your faces off so it will be a guaranteed good time.

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The Red Chord and Gaza will be joining The Acacia Strain, Terror, and The Contortionist on an epic tour titled “To Catch a Predatour.” See what they did there?!

The Red Chord bassist Greg Weeks had this to say about the tour:
“We are very excited to be hitting the road with our friends in the Acacia Strain. I hope you all come out for this great lineup. Please come say hi to us at our merch booth where you can see our merch guy being miserable – try to cheer him up! Thank you.”

Take his advice! Their merch is incredible.

To Catch A Predatour w/ The Acacia Strain, Terror, Gaza, The Contortionist
10/29 Albany, NY – Northern Lights
10/30 Jermyn, PA – Elanor Rigby’s
10/31 Providence, RI – Lupo’s
11/01 Pittsburg, PA – Altar Bar
11/02 Springfield, VA – Jaxx
11/03 Wilmington, NC – The Soapbox
11/04 Spartanburg, SC – GZSC
11/05 Jacksonville, FL – Rain
11/06 West Palm Beach, FL – Ground Control
11/07 Tampa, FL – State Theatre
11/09 Birmingham, AL – Zyedeco
11/10 Nashville TN – Rocket Town
11/11 Louisville, KY – Headliners
11/12 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
11/13 Toledo, OH – Headliners
11/14 Windsor, ONT – Blind Dog
11/15 London, ON – Music Hall
11/16 Longeueil, QC – Salle Kekpart
11/17 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
11/18 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
11/19 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
11/20 Holyoke, MA – The Waterfront Tavern

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To celebrate the launching of our brand new blog, IndieMerch is giving away three pairs of tickets to this years California Metalfest! The event takes place on May 15th and 16th in Pomona and we would love to see you there!

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Thanks for all of your support and good luck! Be sure to check out the interview I did with bands from the fest here.

I recently had the chance to sit down with members of some of our bands that will be appearing at this years California Metalfest. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from their favorite merch designs to the rigors of festival protocol. Big thanks to the guys for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer these questions. Enjoy.

TR: Travis Ryan / Cattle Decapitation
DD: David Davidson / Revocation
SR: Steve Regan / Annotations Of An Autopsy
CG: Cary Geare / Son Of Aurelius
JP: John Parkin/ Gaza
JN: Jason Netherton/ Misery Index

1) Introduce yourself: What band are you in and what do you play?
TR: Travis Ryan, vocals and merch commissioner for Cattle Decapitation.
DD: Hey I’m Dave and I play guitar and do vocals for Revocation.
SR: Steve, I shout angry things at a mic and throw kids about in UK death band Annotations Of An Autopsy.
CG: I’m Cary Geare and I play lead guitar in Son of Aurelius.
JP: Hi, This is Jon from Gaza
JN: Greetings! I am Jason from Misery Index, I play bass and contribute to vocals along with
my geetarist. 

2) What is your favorite piece of merch you’ve done?
TR: Very tough question because we’ve had so many cool merch items. Probably one of my personal faves is the Waffle House shirt we did. It has the classic Waffle House style building on the front but the sign says “cattle Decapitation” instead of Waffle House. On the back is the clencher and what really gave me the idea to do the shirt, it reads: “Try our world famous HUMANS – try them scattered, smothered, covered, chunked and spewed” which is a take off on how they prepare their hash browns. If you have been there, you would get it. But the best designs are still to come… an apron that reads “kill the cook” instead of “kiss the cook” and a Gore Not Core hoodie with a built in “scene cut” hair piece that hangs down in front of one eye.
DD: My favorite merch design we’ve had so far has been the Re-Animaniac t shirt. It was done by Digestor from the band Ghoul.

SR: I’d say our new basketball shorts we have on this tour, they look so sick I wanna wear them. That and our glow in the dark neon green and black longsleeze, me and Jamie did the design, it’s a version of our emblem with snakes around it, looks filthy!
CG: I’m a big fan of the Sonic shirt. It’s based off the Sonic 2 video game on the Genesis, we all grew up playing that game and it has a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in it. Plus it’s good to have fun designs that are not straight brutal death metal art.

JP: I’d have to say the eyeless ram T. We took some of the art from our I Dont Care Where I Go When I Die record. It’s a simple design, but it’s pissed.
JN: Probably the “Cree” shirt – it features a native american in head dress yet with a skull face, its very poignant to the quote on the
back, which is a quite famous Cree statement on the finite nature of the planet’s ecology, and how once we destroy our resources, it will be very hard to eat only ‘money!’

3) Is it hard for your band to agree on merch designs?  Is there a designer everyone in your band can agree on?
TR: I’m pretty much the one who commissions designs and of course I run everything by the rest of the guys before production. I’ve had some dumb ideas and luckily they were there to stop me, and vise versa. We rarely butt heads on designs. In fact we’ve been really pleased with the last few years of designs.

DD: Naw we all kinda sit down and check out different artists that we’d like to work with so everyone has to agree with each other in terms of merch designs. Digestor was a no brainer since we’re all Ghoul fans and his art has an awesome vibe old school vibe to it.
SR: Me and Jamie do a lot of the AOAA designs but we really like the work of Brandon Hart from Cali, his work is so sick and he’s a super nice guy, we don’t even have to give him much of a run down of what we want, he just knows. Also Godmachine is real sick!
CG: Our singer Josh really get’s into the merch designs, he has great ideas for designs and we’re no too picky about it. We usually dig on what he comes up with. We’re all about a good variety of designs so if there’s a design I might not wear personally it doesn’t matter as long as it’s cool and it fits with the band.
JP: No, we usually have our heads pointed in the same direction. Tino and I handle most of the art stuff and run it past the other guys. We have a couple friends I’ve worked with directly. Coty Crieghton and Josh Winager have Been our go to guys. Mike Whalburg in Philly is rad as well.

JN: Well I sort of work one on one with our design guy, who is in Germany, and develop shirt concepts around particular album titles, the once we come up with something interesting I present it to the other guys for approval. Usually everyone is on board, and changes are minor if at all.

4) What’s the best part of playing a festival as opposed to a regular show?
TR: The only real thing for me is the fact that you only get 20 mins or so to show what you got. In this extreme style that we’re playing, we almost shine under pressure and it’s nice to go out and destroy for a short period of time and really go nuts. It’s hard to keep up that stamina live so 20 or 30 mins isn’t that bad.
DD: Fests are cool since you’re playing to bigger crowds and get the chance to expose your band to a broader audience.
SR: With regular shows there’s not a lot of time to hang out, load in, play, load out and leave, with all dayers and fests, You get to hang out a lot more, catch up with friends in other bands, hang with the fans and see some sick bands, also means we get to drink wayyyy more which is pretty important, well to us.
CG: Meeting all the other bands, playing for a larger audience with more diverse tastes.
JP: Unless you’re a bigger band they kind of suck. But hanging with the bigger bands and industry people is cool. At the new England Metal Fest last week we watched Cannibal Corpse from 10 feet away back stage.
JN: The friends all in once place- usually we get to see a variety of friends from all over a particular area, and that includes crossing paths with bands we have toured with, or even getting to see many cool bands at one show. Also the set times are usually short, we can play and enjoy the show afterwards for quite awhile.

5) What band are you excited to see at California Metalfest?
TR: Hmmmmm. Tough question as I’m not into much modern stuff as far as metal goes. It’d be cool to see Fear Factory play with that lineup. Hopefully they play some stuff from the first album. There’s plenty of other good bands playing that day but we’ve toured with most of em already so it’s hard to be excited about seeing ANY band for the zillionth time.
DD: I’m pretty stoked to see Misery Index, they ripped it last time I saw them.
SR: To be honest most of them, cause were from the UK we’ve not got to see a lot of these bands, stoked to finally see Fear Factory that’s gonna be sick! Also Gaza and Decrepit Birth! The whole fest is insane.
CG: So many great bands this year, I’m really digging on seeing Revocation on day one and seeing The Faceless play is always a blast!
JP: Earth Crisis and Sleeping Giant. It will be good to see our friends in Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, and Cattle Decapitation again as well.
JN: On the day we play, I am stoked to see old touring friends in Job For A Cowboy, Fear Factory, Cattle Decapitation, as well as numerous newer bands that I dig like Revocation and Gaza.