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UPDATE: New flyer posted below with full European dates!


When Despised Icon announced their return to the stage after a lengthy hiatus, fans were beyond excited (IndieMerchstore was too!). Erik Jarrin, longtime guitarist of the band, recently took some time out to answer some questions about their upcoming European run as well as their Canadian appearance. Big thanks to Erik for doing this. Be sure to check the flyers below for full information and if you are in the area, head out to a show!

1. When did the conversation start to get back together to play these festival dates?

Ever since we announced the split about four years ago, we’ve been asked every year by festival promoters in Europe and North America to reunite. Back then, Alex Erian started Obey The Brave and I was rejoining my former band Heaven’s Cry while raising my twin daughters, so the timing wasn’t right. We both released albums with our respective bands and Alex went on a crazy tour schedule with his band so he wasn’t available at all to do anything besides this. Since some of the other guys had kids as well, no one was really into doing this until now. Then, about a couple of months ago, new offers came knocking at the door and Alex reached out to me saying he had down time with OTB as they were between album cycles so we said, fuck it, we all miss it, let’s do this!


2. Was this a collective idea to get the band back together for some shows or did you have to go through a movie style montage recruiting the guys to play some shows?

Actually, I’m pretty much the only one that kept in touch with everyone in the band. Alex would come to my place every now and then when not on tour, Benoit helped me a lot in the first weeks I had my daughters with home stuff, I went to see shows with Sebastien a couple of times, Grind and I kept in touch through email and he came visit me once and I went out for dinner with Steve once or twice. We’d also gather at my place for an annual BBQ in the beginning of every summer so when the time came, it was easy business for me to reach out to everyone. The only challenge was to accommodate everyone according to their respective schedule and make it all work.


3. What can fans out there expect from Despised on these reunion shows as far as merch and potential set lists?

Well, these are reunion shows! Meaning we didn’t write new stuff, didn’t plan on reviving the band so our focus is on getting back together for a couple of rehearsals in Grind’s basement and to have the time of our lives playing together again on stage. Looking back at our career, The Ills of Modern Man is pretty much the album that did it all for us, so expect a lot of material off of that album. We are also revisiting some of the more obscure stuff that hasn’t been played in years and obviously all the classics will be part of the show. Honestly, I think fans are in for a treat. Merch wise, well we didn’t do any new design, we decided instead to bring back some of the classic shirts, jerseys and hoodies that became our trademark for many years and hopefully, the fans will get their hands on some of these designs as we’ve been asked a lot about some of them that were discontinued for many years.

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4. The response to the reunion has been fantastic. Do you see the band keeping an open door policy on playing shows in the future after this run?

The reality is that most of us have to take time off from work and for some of us, away from our families so this is a very unique opportunity to gather and do these shows. I don’t see it as something we’ll repeat over and over again. It’s been almost 4 years, fortunately for us, fans stuck to our music, stayed connected through our social media platforms and the timing was right so let’s assume that stars won’t be aligned all the time and let’s just make the most out of it. We should never say never, but the way it worked out and to see how difficult it was to get everyone available at the same time makes me believe that this won’t happen a lot in the future. So hopefully, all the fans will show up at some of theses shows and will share that love of extreme music with us once again. see you in the pit!

For full info on their shows head to Despised Icon’s Facebook Page.

Be sure to pick up some classic designs from the band if you can’t make it to a show by clicking the banner below: