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The fine folks at Factory 13 Skateboards recently completed this exclusive coffin skate deck for The Black Dahlia Murder. Titled “At the Lockers of Madness,” this custom 31″x10″ board features an angry teenage jocktopus about to rearrange some dork’s face.

This board is perfect to display in your room as bragging rites or skating old man Johnson’s empty pool.

Factory13 is an experimental skateboard manufacturing company owned and operated by skateboarders for over 10 years. They design, manufacture, print, and distribute the most unique, creative, and aggressive skateboards the world has ever seen. Factory13 worked closely with The Black Dahlia Murder on all aspects of this board including design, shape, size and colors to capture a truly Custom unique product. All of the boards are handmade at the Factory13 wood shop in Southern California.

Buy the deck HERE.
For more information on Factory 13: www.factory13.org