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Very stoked to announce that Despised Icon, Carnifex, and Fallujah will be doing an IndieMerchstore Instagram takeover! Get an exclusive, behind the scenes look of the bands as they tear it up on their current tour together. All content on our IG will come from the bands exclusively on the day they take over so be sure to tune in! You can follow IndieMerchstore at @indiemerchstore on Instagram! See you then!

Despised Icon: Sunday 3/19
Carnifex: Wednesday 3/22
Fallujah: Thursday 3/30

Snag merch from all the bands on the tour by heading to www.indiemerchstore.com and for remaining dates on the tour check out www.carnifexmetal.com!


UPDATE from the Road 2/9:
The tour has been insane so far! Some of the shows have been selling out so be sure to get your tickets to upcoming shows! Check out the pics to below to see whats in store for you…Carnifex is also playing a ripping Slipknot cover that is Corey Taylor approved!

IndieMerchstore is thrilled to be sponsoring this Carnifex and Despised Icon co-headlining tour! Fellow IMS bands Fallujah and Rings Of Saturn (Unique Leader Records) along with Lorna Shore and She Must Burn will be support on one of the best tour packages of the year. Despised Icon Jumps on 3/18 which is soon! To celebrate, we are giving away a pair of tickets to EVERY date of the tour! Click on the banner below to enter! We have drawn winners for the first dates so far but there are still plenty of entries to win!



This tour is shaping up to be something special, as Carnifex is playing one of their longest sets as a band, covering material from their latest release “Slow Death” along with classics from their extended catalog. Despised Icon will be playing places in the US that they haven’t toured in years and will be playing selections off “Beast” and fan favorites. You can snag merch from these bands along with Fallujah and Rings of Saturn by heading to the link below or clicking on any of the images:







Stacked lineup alert! Suicide Silence and Whitechapel are co-headlining the “Straight Outta Hell” tour! Deathcore heavyweights Carnifex, Despised Icon, and Oceano round out the lineup on what is sure to be one of the best tours of the Fall. Dates and details will be revealed soon, as the tour will happen this September/October. In the meantime, here is a statement from Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun:

“Finally after more than a decade this tour of tours is coming to a city near you! Lube up those ear holes because Suicide Silence and Whitechapel believe it or not have NEVER toured together in the United States. Time for Friday night, every night!! Bring your energy we’ll bring ours and together we will make memories on BlackCraft’s ‘The Straight Out of Hell Tour’ this Sept-Oct. We got Despised Icon on some nights and we have Carnifex and Oceano along for the ride as well.”

Snag merch from Whitechapel/Carnifex/Despised Icon by heading to www.indiemerchstore.com


Despised Icon is set to release their highly anticipated comeback album “Beast” courtesy of Nuclear Blast! Alex Erian took some time to answer some questions about the comeback and what to expect off the new album. Big thanks to him and the rest of the band for getting back together.

Pre-order “Beast” here:

1. When you announced that the album would be coming out on Nuclear Blast it seemed like the perfect fit. How did signing with them come about?

What originally was supposed to be a 5 song independently released EP rapidly became a full length on Nuclear Blast. We didn’t know if we still had it in us to be honest. We hadn’t written anything together in 7 years but ideas flowed as soon as we sat down to write. We only reached out to one label, Nuclear Blast, and they offered us a deal right away. They’ve been treating us like family already. Great to be working with people that actually care about our band, music and legacy. We’re label mates now with Suffocation, Hatebreed and Slayer. Unreal.

2. What was the process like getting everyone back together to record/play shows with all the busy schedules with other bands/familes/etc. ?

Fucking complicated haha All the guys are dads now and have family and job obligations. They can’t just throw it all away and get back on the road full time. We ARE back though and we have a bunch of short tours in the works around the world. All this time away made us realize how much we loved doing this band and how lucky we were to be given this opportunity. That spark that went missing somewhere along the way is definitely back. Shout out to the fans for sticking around all this time. You rule.


3. What is your favorite piece of Despised Icon merch that you have put out for tour/online?

The original all black DI new era fitted cap, definitely. We just brought it back as a snapback on our store. It’s just as nice and a lot more affordable. The new bio monster long sleeve is death metal as fuck but I think my favorite new item is the white pullover hoody. I like the simple stuff. We’re rocking our MTL DM logo (Montreal Death Metal) on a lot of the new merch. Represent.



4. One of my favorite things about this pre-order for “Beast” is the exclusive bone colored vinyl. Are you or anyone else in the band vinyl collectors? If so, have any holy grails in the collection?

We only printed 300 of the bone coloured vinyls, on sale exclusively via Indiemerchstore. Sold half already! Funny how vinyl became cool all of a sudden. I remember selling ours live and people would ask “Hey, how much for that calendar?”. I’m not the biggest vinyl fan but I can still picture myself in my parents’ basement, back in the day, discovering my dad’s collection. That’s how I heard Sabbath, Hendrix, Led Zep, Santana, etc. for the first time. You could say that my gatefold of Cryptopsy’s “None So Vile x Blasphemy Made Flesh” and Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” are two stand outs in my collection.


5. What can fans expect from the rest of the songs off “Beast?”

The name says it all: BEAST. Lots of slam parts mixed with fast and technical riffs. We’re definitely keepin’ it brutal.

Big thanks to Alex for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Hope you guys are as stoked as we are for this album to release.

UPDATE: New flyer posted below with full European dates!


When Despised Icon announced their return to the stage after a lengthy hiatus, fans were beyond excited (IndieMerchstore was too!). Erik Jarrin, longtime guitarist of the band, recently took some time out to answer some questions about their upcoming European run as well as their Canadian appearance. Big thanks to Erik for doing this. Be sure to check the flyers below for full information and if you are in the area, head out to a show!

1. When did the conversation start to get back together to play these festival dates?

Ever since we announced the split about four years ago, we’ve been asked every year by festival promoters in Europe and North America to reunite. Back then, Alex Erian started Obey The Brave and I was rejoining my former band Heaven’s Cry while raising my twin daughters, so the timing wasn’t right. We both released albums with our respective bands and Alex went on a crazy tour schedule with his band so he wasn’t available at all to do anything besides this. Since some of the other guys had kids as well, no one was really into doing this until now. Then, about a couple of months ago, new offers came knocking at the door and Alex reached out to me saying he had down time with OTB as they were between album cycles so we said, fuck it, we all miss it, let’s do this!


2. Was this a collective idea to get the band back together for some shows or did you have to go through a movie style montage recruiting the guys to play some shows?

Actually, I’m pretty much the only one that kept in touch with everyone in the band. Alex would come to my place every now and then when not on tour, Benoit helped me a lot in the first weeks I had my daughters with home stuff, I went to see shows with Sebastien a couple of times, Grind and I kept in touch through email and he came visit me once and I went out for dinner with Steve once or twice. We’d also gather at my place for an annual BBQ in the beginning of every summer so when the time came, it was easy business for me to reach out to everyone. The only challenge was to accommodate everyone according to their respective schedule and make it all work.


3. What can fans out there expect from Despised on these reunion shows as far as merch and potential set lists?

Well, these are reunion shows! Meaning we didn’t write new stuff, didn’t plan on reviving the band so our focus is on getting back together for a couple of rehearsals in Grind’s basement and to have the time of our lives playing together again on stage. Looking back at our career, The Ills of Modern Man is pretty much the album that did it all for us, so expect a lot of material off of that album. We are also revisiting some of the more obscure stuff that hasn’t been played in years and obviously all the classics will be part of the show. Honestly, I think fans are in for a treat. Merch wise, well we didn’t do any new design, we decided instead to bring back some of the classic shirts, jerseys and hoodies that became our trademark for many years and hopefully, the fans will get their hands on some of these designs as we’ve been asked a lot about some of them that were discontinued for many years.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.55.44 PM

4. The response to the reunion has been fantastic. Do you see the band keeping an open door policy on playing shows in the future after this run?

The reality is that most of us have to take time off from work and for some of us, away from our families so this is a very unique opportunity to gather and do these shows. I don’t see it as something we’ll repeat over and over again. It’s been almost 4 years, fortunately for us, fans stuck to our music, stayed connected through our social media platforms and the timing was right so let’s assume that stars won’t be aligned all the time and let’s just make the most out of it. We should never say never, but the way it worked out and to see how difficult it was to get everyone available at the same time makes me believe that this won’t happen a lot in the future. So hopefully, all the fans will show up at some of theses shows and will share that love of extreme music with us once again. see you in the pit!

For full info on their shows head to Despised Icon’s Facebook Page.

Be sure to pick up some classic designs from the band if you can’t make it to a show by clicking the banner below:


Obey The Brave have posted up a ton of killer new designs, including longsleeves, tank tops, shirts, and leggings! Head over to their official store to pick up the latest gear from the band.

In addition to fresh merch, there are also select items on sale for $7!!! Great deal, quantities are limited so be sure to pick some up today.


Obey The Brave’s “Young Blood” deluxe bundle is now live! This highly anticipated album is coming out via Epitaph on August 28th and will ship on or around the 21st. The bundle is limited to 100 pieces so be sure to snag one today!

Package includes:
– Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Skateboard Deck (size 8″ X 32″)
– “Young Blood” debut full length LP on yellow vinyl
– “Young Blood” CD
– Limited Edition 11 x 17 lithograph card stock poster

Lifestyle 1:25
Is Starts Today 3:06
Self Made 3:41
Live and Learn 3:24
Garde La Tete Froide 2:45

Grim 0:33
Get Real 3:28
Time For A Change 4:10
Unstoppable 3:21
Early Graves 2:42
Burning Bridges 3:52

Obey The Brave have signed to Epitaph Records and Distort Entertainment! Check out the video below:

We are super stoked for them. Be sure to catch them on this Summers All Stars Tour and more announcements on their upcoming album.

Obey The Brave official merchandise.

Update: Check out the new video from the band called “Get Real” featuring Scott Vogel of Terror.

Directed by acclaimed Montreal director Jessy Fuchs and recorded once again by Antoine Lussier and Yannic Desgroseilliers of 357 Productions (Emmure, Ion Dissonance), “Get Real” brings OTB’s sound and in-your-face energy to the next level.

After making a ton of noise in the underground scene in a matter of weeks, Canadian heavy hitters Obey The Brave are now getting ready to unleash their debut EP “Ups and Downs” May 22nd 2012 on Good Fight Music. The one-off EP on Good Fight, “Ups and Downs”, features the bands first single “Live and Learn” and their much anticipated second single “Get Real”, featuring Scott Vogel of Terror. The Ep will be available exclusively on 7” vinyl (4 limited colors available) and digitally. An exclusive IndieMerch bundle featuring a limited edition skateboard, gold vinyl and T-S is now available at http://www.indiemerch.com/obeythebrave.

Singer Alex Erian comments on the release of the EP and the future barreling at OTB, “The wait has been driving me crazy! So stoked to finally share our EP and new music with you guys. Working with Vogel on this track was a huge honor. We’re currently working on our debut full length, due later this summer, and are literally about to sign to our two favorite labels. Got big things in the works fellas.”

Obey The Brave’s second music video “Get Real” drops May 1st. Directed by acclaimed Montreal director Jessy Fuchs and recorded once again by Antoine Lussier and Yannic Desgroseilliers of 357 Productions (Emmure, Ion Dissonance), “Get Real” brings OTB’s sound and in-your-face energy to the next level.

Catch Obey The Brave live at Bamboozle May 20th and across the US this summer on the All Stars Tour. In the meantime, OTB will be extensively touring Eastern Canada on the following dates:

04/27/12 – Drummondville, QC @ Salle Gaston Mandeville
04/28/12 – Rimouski, QC @ Le Cactus
05/02/12 – St-Catharines, ON @ Coco Cabana Nightclub
05/03/12 – London, ON @ Rum Runners
05/04/12 – Kitchener, ON @ Schwaben Club
05/05/12 – Toronto, ON @ Annex Wreckroom
05/06/12 – Gatineau, QC @ Heart Fest
05/09/12 – Fredericton, NB @ Kingsmen Center
05/10/12 – Charlottetown, PEI @ Murphy’s Community Centre
05/11/12 – Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan Club
05/12/12 – Halifax, NS @ The Pavilion
05/13/12 – Riviere du Loup, QC @ Sunset Bar Spectacle
05/14/12 – Trois-Rivieres, QC @ Rock Cafe Le Stage
05/15/12 – Quebec, QC @ L’Agitee
05/16/12 – La Baie, QC @ Le Plaza
05/20/12 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Bamboozle
06/15/12 – Montebello, QC @ D-Tox Rockfest

Check out the first glimpse of the “Get Real” music video:

PRE-ORDER scheduled to ship on or around May 21st, 2012
1. Live and Learn
2. Get Real

Package includes:
– OTB Limited Edition Gold Vinyl Ups & Downs 7″ EP (with download code). Only 50 pressed!
– Limited Edition “Get Real” T-shirt
– Limited Edition AUTOGRAPHED Skateboard Deck, autographed and hand numbered by OTB. Only 50 made!

Note – Skate Deck Only No trucks or wheels or grip tap included.

Obey The Brave official merch store.

The official merch store for Obey The Brave is now live! If you haven’t heard the band, check out the video below.

The newly formed Canadian five piece features members of Despised Icon and Blind Witness. Look for tour dates coming to your town soon as this band is going to be smashing venues all over the world!

Obey The Brave official merch store.

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