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The above video represents my feelings towards our latest installment of the deal of the week. It’s so intense. The Red Chord’s “Logo Foil” shirt is a cool $5.99! Be sure to pick one up soon as supplies are limited. The band is hard at work on their follow up to “Fed Through The Teeth Machine” and will return soon with a new ripper of an album.

Our deal of the week has never been this colorful. Double rainbow all the way.

Click here to experience beauty.

The Red Chord official merch store.

Meet Martin. He is the new face of evil in the upcoming film “Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.” He would like to show the latest deal of the week from Cattle Decapitation, showcasing their film inspired “Inhuman Centipede” shirt for only $5.99.

Click here to become inhuman and save.

Check out the poster and trailer below for the movie, which comes out in limited release on October 7th. My suggestion? Buy this shirt and wear it to a screening. Better hurry, the film has already been banned in the UK due to its intense subject matter.

Cattle Decapitation official merch store.

Whoops, wrong Danza. Moving on, we have a killer deal of the week for you: The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza’s “Eat Brains” shirt is only $5.99! Features a hungry zombie out for a late night snack of the human variety. Quantities are limited so snag one before they disappear!

Stock up ‘Danza gear before Danza IV comes out at The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza official merch store.

This deal of the week will have you on needles and pins! Or just needles. Rockett Clothing’s “Needles” shirt is only $5.99! Featuring some real bizarre interstellar space activity, this shirt is perfect for all occasions, including sports and dinner with the president of a fortune 500 company.

Click here to snag one.

Rockett Clothing official merch store.

This deal of the week comes from Mumford Clothing, where the “Dawn” shirt is only $5.99! You might recognize Dan Mumford’s amazing work from some of your favorite Black Dahlia Murder shirts you keep in the closet next to your blueprints of the Deathstar and illegal fireworks. This shirt is no exception to his righteousness; the depiction of a futuristic city is part of a larger story the rest of the line puts together. Grab one today at a steal of a price.

Be sure to check out the rest of his line HERE.

Mumford’s official website: www.dan-mumford.com.
Mumford’s twitter: twitter.com/danmumforddraws.

Like that shredding in the above video? Me too. Son Of Aurelius is the latest in the greatest of deals of the week. $5.99 will get you their awesome “Slugfest” shirt pictured below.
Click here to buy.

Snag some other killer much from the band at the Son Of Aurelius merch store!

Happy Friday! Our latest in the long line of saving you serious cash is from our friends Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. Their “Lion” shirt is only $5.99!! The band has a new album titled “IV” dropping on 9/27 so be sure to check that out!

Click here to purchase!

Be sure to pick up other shirts at the Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster merch store.

Friday!!! Snag the latest deal of the week from the breakout band from The Mayhem Festival: Straight Line Stitch. Their shirt “Secrecy” is only $5.99 so be sure to pick one up HERE.

Check out their video for the song “Conversion” off their latest album “The Fight Of Our Lives” below:

You can find the deal of the week and more items from this awesome band at the Straight Line Stitch merch store.

The above video for “Year Of The Snake” is my selling point. Nasty riffs and spinning mics. Step into my office for the deal of the week for Chimaira’s “Serpent” shirt. A cool $5.99. “The Age Of Hell” drops Tuesday so snag one of these shirts before the album pummels you into another dimension.

Check out this great review of “The Age of Hell” from Revolver Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Snag more gear from the Cleveland heroes at the Chimaira official merch store.

Cephalic Carnage is pure rocky mountain hydro grind! Snag their “Megacosm” shirt without emptying your wallet for the cool price of $5.99! Quantities are limited so act fast.

Click here to megacosm your mind.

Not convinced? Check out the video for their song “Endless Cycle of Violence.” Pure mayhem!

Pick up more gear from the band at the Cephalic Carnage merch store

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