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Cynic is now streaming their upcoming EP titled “Carbon-Based Anatomy” on Pitchfork! This thing rules, can’t stop listening. Link is below.


Update: Above flyer is the final roster. 3, All Pigs Must Die, Last Chance To Reason, and This Is Hell have just been added. This show is going to rule.

We are partnering up with our good pals at Metalsucks.net and LiveNation to bring you a most righteous two day event titled “The Metal Suckfest.” Most of the remaining lineup has been revealed! Insanity! This diverse roster of bands will have you moshing, thrashing, slowly nodding your head, and spazzing out all at once.

Here is the lowdown:
November 4th and 5th at The Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan.
Municipal Waste is headlining day one.
Cynic is headlining day two.

This show is going to be something special. If you live anywhere near the venue its a crime against your ears to skip out on this.

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Cynic have announced the title and release date for their highly anticipated new album. “Carbon Based Anatomy” will drop on November 15th via Season of Mist. The effort will contain all new material with frontman Paul Masvidal describing it as “both a philosophical as well as a musical journey, one that begins in the Amazon jungle on the lips of a shamanic wisewoman and ends in outerspace.”

The track listing for “Carbon-Based Anatomy” can be found below:

1. Amidst The Coals
2. Carbon-Based Anatomy
3. Bija!
4. Box Up My Bones
5. Elves Beam Out
6. Hieroglyph

Be on the lookout for new shirts from the band as well as tour info coming soon.

Cynic official merch store.



Cynic album update!

Legendary prog-metal band Cynic are hard at work at writing the follow up to their 2008 album “Traced in Air.” Frontman/guitarist Paul Masvidal offered the following statement:

“Ok friends, You got my attention…here’s an official update. I’ve been working away in the home studio writing lots of new songs and keeping off the grid to stay creatively focused. Apologies for having been a bit reclusive in our digital age of informational abundance! It’s safe to say that Cynic already has plenty of material for a new record, but something keeps the inspiration going to write more.

I feel like I’m on for the ride and just seeing what manifests as a result of sitting on the train and looking out the window. As we move further along and closer to ‘destination recording’, the album will start to shape itself and the appropriate songs will be chosen. We’re looking at late summer / early fall to enter the studio. At the moment, I have no idea when the record will be released. Maybe later this year or early next.

We’re also in communication with lots of fantastic new musicians who will be involved. I can already sense this next album is going to take our listeners on a whole new sonic adventure that words cannot yet describe. I say this because the work is feeling based and there’s a lot of life poured into these embryos that will speak for themselves when heard. I’m always amazed at how living life informs the art so directly and yet we have no power over it.

The songs have a directness and urgency unlike anything we’ve done before due to a bountiful influx of concentrated life experiences. Thank the universe for the gift of music. I am so absolutely grateful to be alive and to be able to share the potency and beauty of music with you. In the meantime keep spreading the love and thank you for taking this journey with us. Oneness…pm”

Expect a new album on Season of Mist towards the end of this year. This will hopefully lead to more touring so you can catch amazing performances such as this one:

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Cynic Live Footage!

The always awesome dudes at Metal Injection recently posted footage from a live Cynic show from Baltimore. The multi camera effort can be seen below:

Want to make this footage that much cooler to watch at home? Pick up some sweet gear from the Cynic official merch store.