A note about bootleg t-shirts from IndieMerchstore


It has come to our attention that there is a massive influx of bootleg t-shirts being promoted on various social networking sites including Facebook and Instagram. These companies are illegally producing our brand and our bands receive ZERO support from these sales. A lot of these T-shirts are also of poor printing and garment quality which we do not control or intend to have out in the market. Online merchandise sales are an integral part of operating a band and direct sales to the band is what keeps them touring and recording. To ensure you are buying quality, officially licensed merchandise that directly support the band please shop only the links you are familiar with including www.indiemerchstore.com or anything starting with www.indiemerch.com.

If you are unsure if a product is coming directly from the band or IMS, feel free to email info@indiemerchstore.com with a link or image of the product in question and they will be happy to help you out as well as doing their best to getting the product removed from online. Remember, sales going directly to the band is extremely important and is what keeps them on the road and making new music for you, the fans. We thank you in advance for the support and head to www.indiemerchstore.com to stock up on 100% officially licensed merchandise from your favorite bands!

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