Preorder the re-release of Whitechapel’s first album “The Somatic Defilement!”

Our good friends at Metal Blade Records are re-releasing the first Whitechapel album “The Somatic Defilement!” This is the record that started it all, now remixed and mastered! Choose from two exclusive shirt bundles and the cd itself.

Pre-order here!

* Pre-Order: Expected to ship on or around April 11, 2013 *
01. Necrotizing (Intro)
02. The Somatic Defilement
03. Devirgination Studies
04. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
05. Fairy Fay
06. Ear to Ear
07. Alone in the Morgue
08. Festering Fiesta
09. Vicer Exciser
10. Articulo Mortis

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