Big Chocolate’s new album “Red Headed Locc” available for pre-order!

Click here to pre-order!

The pre-order for Big Chocolate’s highly anticipated new album “Red Headed Locc” is here!

Choose from a variety of packages, including the “Red Locc Autographed Bundle!”

This righteous package includes:
-Autographed 11″ x 17″ Card Stock lithograph Poster
-RED LOCC Digipak CD
-Deer BC T-shirt ( white)
-Giraffe BC T-shirt (white)
-Deer BC Crew neck Sweater (black)
-Custom Chocolate Bar
-BC$USA Bumper Sticker

Track Listing:
1. Don’t Try To Test It 3:37
2. Look Lovely 4:17
3. Face Climb 4:50
4. Blue Milk 2:26
5. Go And Dig Featuring Feeki 4:39
6. Truman’s Waltz Featuring Budo 4:09
7. Locc City Allstar Featuring DJ Two Stacks 4:11
8. Rodeo 3:28
9. Aunt Valen 5:22
10. Hella Tight 3:42
11. The L 4:45

Click here to pre-order!

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