Five questions with Red Fang + new shirt and video!

Happy Monday everyone! I had the opportunity to do some Q & A with Red Fang drummer John Sherman. Check it out below along with their killer new video and shirt design!

1. Your awesome new video for “Hank Is Dead” recently premiered, featuring air guitar winner Tony Tapatio. I looked up some previous footage of this guy air shreddin’ and he is no joke! Any cool stories from the shoot?

Yeah, Tony is no joke indeed. He walked away with the oversize novelty check for $1000 and the champion title. The shoot was super fun, as all our experiences with Whitey have been. The huge speakers on top of the car were the real deal, so driving around town blasting jams and yelling at pedestrians was pretty amazing. Whitey has a way of bringing out the teenage jackasses in us, I guess.

2. This is your second tour in a row with Mastodon in two different vastly different markets. How has it been on the road with those dudes and how do the European crowds compare to the ones in the US?

Touring with Mastodon is the dream. Seriously, they are the nicest dudes in the world and super fun to hang out with. Extremely friendly guys and they treat us like family. Half way through the US tour they asked us to come to Europe ‘with them and it was very easy to say yes. The crowds really aren’t that much different over here versus back home – I mean, Mastodon crowds are insane no matter where you go, and, luckily, they seem to be into us as well. Dream tour – opening for a killer band that has tons of amazing fans who dig our sound AND they are total bros. Amazing.

3. Did you guys find a “go to” beer out there on tour or is it whatever the venue provides?

No “go to” beer over here, really. We try all the local favorites wherever we go. Honestly, I’ve been way more into wine on this tour, but that’s just me. There’s plenty of amazing beers over here. Some crappy ones too!

4. The aesthetic Red Fang has created is a rare feat in the metal community these days, combining honest and heavy music with humor through your music videos and interviews. Was this something the band set out to do from the onset or did it come naturally?

It’s funny how little we actually “set out” to do. We are just being ourselves – we love heavy rock and we are goofballs. It is entirely possible to take your music very seriously without taking yourselves seriously. You probably won’t ever hear a “joke” song on a Red Fang record, but when it comes to videos comedy just comes naturally. Like, we would rather see some idiots smash through a wall of milk in a station wagon than mope around in a dark dungeon being all mean and serious. That’s no fun. Come on out that dark dungeon, little buddy, and party with us! It’s nice up here!

5. What is your favorite merch design the band has had online or on tour?

We probably will all tell you different personal favorites – we never agree. That’s why we have to have several designs! Right now, my favorite is the new “Bearded Skull” design this kid, Xavi from Barcelona, made for us. It’s pretty amazing. Seems like the classic “Sabertooth Skull” design is the most popular though. We have been fortunate to have some killer designs come our way.

Their killer new aforementioned design “Bearded Skull” is now available at the Red Fang official merch store.

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