Skeletonwitch: “Forever Abomination” available today + new merch!

After months of waiting near the mailbox like a goon, the day has finally arrived. Skeletonwitch has unleashed their latest hang bangin’ triumph “Forever Abomination” to the masses. I’ve been jamming this record all day and can’t stop! The infamousLambgoat says “”Bottom Line: Whether you liked Skeletonwitch before or not, Forever Abomination is a must listen.” Read Lambgoat’s review of the record HERE. The album can be picked up on Itunes, major retailers, and your local mom and pop stores.

The band also put up two new slick designs, one featuring the album art and the other featuring a wicked demon skull on a baseball tee. Score! Be sure to stop by the Skeletonwitch Facebook to see when the band will be tearing through your town on tour.

Skeletonwitch official merch store.

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