Congrats to Josh Barnett for winning his fight in Strikeforce 49!

MMA fighter and IndieMerch family member Josh Barnett won his fight against Brett Rogers at the 49th Strikeforce event on Saturday. Barnett submitted Rogers with an arm triangle in the second round of the bout, improving his record to 30-5.

Following info was taken from Fightline.com:

“The fight was all Barnett from the opening bell, with the 33-year-old managing to get “The Grim” to the mat in short order, where he quickly established mount. Rogers tried hard to shake Barnett off, but the seasoned fighter held his ground and the position for the entirety of the first frame.

The second round showed more of the same, with Barnett getting Rogers down and mounted early on. Once there, Barnett applied an arm triangle which had Rogers tapping before he had fully established the position.

Keeping up his pro-wrestling inspired act, which he debuted at the open workouts — MMAFighting.com has a video up of Barnett and his teammate engaging in a full-on pro-wrestling match before launching into an impassioned tirade on the hard times he’s gone through, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already — Barnett politely snatched the microphone from Strikeforce commentator Gus Johnson’s hands post-fight and delivered another memorable speech ending with the promise that he’ll end the Grand Prix standing over his fallen competitors with the belt.”

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Huge congrats to Josh to a well deserved victory!
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