The Black Dahlia premiere new song + new merch!

Black Dahlia Murder have unleashed the second song from their highly anticipated album “Ritual.” Titled “Conspiring with the Damned,” the song is an uptempo shredder that is sure to please all fans of the band.

Here is what Trevor Strnad has to say about it:
“It brings us great pleasure to reveal another track from our latest endeavor, Ritual! Conspiring with the Damned is a quick melodic track about bringing a curse into your life by messing with an Ouija board. The lyrics were informed by a series of stories told to me by a friend who claims to have been tormented and robbed of his innocence at a very young age by a demonic force he had been in contact with. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and I think it embodies the horrific vibe of Ritual perfectly. Bang your heads!”

Our friends at Lambgoat are hosting the song:
Click here to listen to “Conspiring with the Damned”

The band has also released some new merch that absolutely rips. Go buy some at the official Black Dahlia Murder merch store.

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