ATTN: Vinyl Geeks. Darkest Hour “Human Romance” LP up for pre-order!

Pre-orders for Darkest Hour’s LP version of “The Human Romance” is now available!
High quality European vinyl (Bone or Black Vinyl). Includes an exclusive 18″x14″ poster in the packaging and lossless digital download of entire album plus bonus track “Hierarchy Of Heathens”. Bone vinyl is limited to 250 pieces.

01. Terra Nocturnus
02. The World Engulfed In Flames
03. Savor The Kill
04. Man And Swine
05. Love As A Weapon
06. Your Every Day Disaster
07. Violent By Nature
08. Purgatory
09. Severed Separates
10. Wound
11. Terra Solaris
12. Beyond The Life You Know
Hierarchy Of Heathens (bonus track)

Preorders ship around 5/05. Stock is running low on the packaged shirt deals so act quickly!

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