Disfiguring The Goddess (Big Chocolate) Pre-order available!

Pre-order for the highly anticipated album from Disfiguring The Goddess is now available!*

Featuring Cameron Aragon of Big Chocolate, DTG features “A raw, distorted vortex of brutal, slamming death metal marked by some truly distinctive vocals.”

Track listing:
1. The Age Of The Seraphim
2. Throne Of The Meek
3. Void Leacher
4. Mind Infection
5. Circle Of Nine
6. Stroggos Wars
7. Breaching The Clone
8. Uprising
9. Klesk
10. Time-Spanned

*Pre-orders will ship Friday 4/22
Click here to order!

In other, B.C. news, a slew of new merch designs has also popped up on his official merch store.

Big Chocolate official merch store. Deal with it.

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