Darkest Hour joins IndieMerch! Grab bags, discount codes, and heavy metal!

It brings me great pleasure to introduce Darkest Hour to the IndieMerch family! These metal maniacs have been slaying crowds for fifteen years now and show no signs of letting up. To celebrate the new endeavor, we have a sweet coupon code for you! Enter the code “scarydsc40” upon checkout in the official Darkest Hour to receive 10% off! Code is valid until Halloween.


The store is also filled with grab bags where you can score some rare, never to be printed again merch for super cheap! Lets take a look:

Tee Grab Bag $3.99
One random t-shirt in your size. Thats under 4 dollars for a shirt dudes. How could you go wrong? Thats extra cash in your pocket for your secret obsession with Barbie dolls and lipstick. Your secret is safe with us.

Mystery Grab Bag $5.99
Mystery apparel item in your size in the form of a long sleeve, work shirt, baseball tee, or a half eaten sandwich left at catering during the “Gathering of the Juggalos” festival. Ok so maybe I made one of those up.

Jacket Grab Bag $14.99
One random pullover, track jacket, or zip up hoodie. The cheapest way to stay fashionably warm besides sleeping in a gold plated dumpster.

You can find these designs and a lot more at the Darkest Hour official merch store. Keep checking back for new styles as well. Stay metal.

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