Pre Order for Beneath the Massacre’s “Maree Noir” now up!

Beneath the Massacre is back with their latest release, “Maree Noir.” This five song EP is now available for preorder in various formats:
1. Exclusive T shirt, CD signed by the band, and a 7″ vinyl on red wax:

2. Exclusive T shirt and CD:

3. Exclusive T shirt and 7″ vinyl on red wax:

Track listing:
1. The Casket You Sleep In
2. Black Tide
3. Drill Baby Drill
4. Designed To Strangle
5. Anomic
Vocalists Elliot Desgagné had this to say about “Maree Noir:”

“It’s going to be two years since our last album and we had the idea of a short release while we keep writing for the next full length. We picked five songs to go on the EP and I feel like these are by far the best songs we’ve ever written. Nothing that different from our other releases but we’re always getting a little closer to the sound we want. So we’re all satisfied with the result and are looking forward to share it.”

Beneath the Massacre official store.

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