Gwar announces new album “Bloody Pit of Horror” and GWARBQ 2010

After a triumphant European tour that included appearances at the With Full Force and Dour Festivals, Antarctic rock gods GWAR have returned to their ice-bound fortress, to drink blood and begin work on their newest and most gut-crushing album yet. That’s right, right now, at the sorta halfway point of GWAR’S special two-year long 25th Anniversary Slay-a-Bration, Slave Pit Inc. and Metal Blade Records are proud to announce the title of GWAR’S new album.

“Our new album is called Bloody Pit of Horror,” said ODERUS URUNGUS, front-thing and leading female impersonator. ‘We are fully aware that there is a movie of the same title, I assure you it has nothing to do with it, save the title, which we stole from them. But you see, we’re calling it “GWAR’S Bloody Pit of Horror”, and that’s a little different, so hopefully we won’t get sued!”

A full track listing and official release date is expected soon.

In other GWAR news, the Slave Pit, GWAR’S pit of slaves, located in Richmond, VA. is busily preparing for the re-awakening of an ancient GWAR tradition, the GWAR-B-Que! Back in the early days of GWAR, the slaves used to throw parties in the Pit in the hopes of attracting helpless women. These parties grew in size and fury as other bands and insane artists got involved…but then just stopped happening…

“Because of 9/11, man…” said Slave Pit spokesman James Nasium.

But the GWAR-B-Q is back! On August 8th, 2010, at the Bike Lot in Richmond, Va.! Check www.gwarbq.com for full details, directions, and more.

I would imagine the spread looking something like this:

I wish I lived closer to Richmond. The costumed anti-heroes of GWAR are playing a set without make up! Wild!

Be sure to check out the official store so you can show up to the BBQ looking dapper in the most nonsensical way possible.

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